RHEL 8.3 (ARM)

RHEL 8.3 (ARM) on AWS

This latest RedHat Enterprise Linux 8.33 (ARM) (RHEL 8.3) is available pre-configured by Supported Images to have the latest patches and security settings at image launch. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3 is the latest server deployment in the Red Hat family of products.

In addition to normal OS updates, RHEL 8 also maintains application streams to allow for certain applications to be supported and updated independent of the base OS and to match the maintenance stream of the application vendor. Each application stream will be supported from two to five years with new versions only available during the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Full Support Phase. These apps should be expected to be updated frequently with shorter lifecycles than the base OS packages.

This product is specifically designed to run on the powerful Graviton & Graviton 2 ARM processors for the following instance types:
a1, c6g, c6gd, c6gn, m6g, m6gd, r6g, r6gd, t4g

RHEL 8 maintenance updates will be available on this release through 2021.

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