RHEL 7.6 (ARM)

RHEL 7.6 (ARM) on AWS

This latest RedHat Enterprise Linux 7 (RHEL 7) is available pre-configured by Supported Images to have the latest patches and security settings at image launch. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 is the latest server deployment in the Red Hat family of products.

RHEL 7 (ARM) file system is a logical collection of files on a partition or disk. A partition is a container for information and can span an entire hard drive if desired. Yeah, this is one of the main differences by comparing with other versions of RHEL. In RHEL7, the default file system is XFS. In RHEL6, the default file system is EXT4.

This product is specifically designed to run on the powerful Graviton & Graviton 2 ARM processors, for the following instance types:
a1, c6g, c6gd, c6gn, m6g, m6gd, r6g, r6gd, t4g

RHEL 7 maintenance updates will be available on this release through June 30, 2024.

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